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Telluride Trout Custom t-shirts

100% Cotton

Two versions available:

  • TT - Blue Shirt with Telluride Trout Logo on the breast and Print of 4 Trout on the back
  • Hip - Gray Shirt with Blue Graphical Telluride Trout Logo on the front and simple trout logo on the back

Sizes: s, m, l, xl, xxl

$22 - Free Shipping! (usa addresses)





Trout Print

Please practice catch and release.

Telluride Trout is a limited edition print of only 200 reproductions. Each fish was caught, photographed and released within the San Miguel or Dolores River drainages. The four wild species are shown over a faded background of clear water and river rocks. These numbered prints are produced on high quality paper stock and are ready for framing.

Print Size: 19"x27"

$25 - Free Shipping! (usa addresses)



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